We all miss traveling. All of us get some souvenirs from our trips. We miss the sights, the smells, and the tastes of the countries we have visited. We definitely dream about new trips, new discoveries. Unfortunately, we can’t travel as much as we would like. So, I have prepared  ‘’An Armenian box’’ for you. This box is for those who miss Armenia and who wanted to discover the Land of Ararat but haven’t visited it due to the pandemic and the war in Artsakh. 

Purchase this box to Taste Armenia, to touch Armenia, and to read about Armenia. 

What does the box include? 

  • A handmade collage with Armenian motives and symbols. The personages are made by disables. The collage is designed by a 9 years old David, who sold his handmade souvenirs to help the evacuated Armenians from Artsakh during and after the war. 
  • Armenian chocolate with walnut, dry fruit covered with chocolate. 
  • Dry apricots. By the way, the Latin name for apricot is Prunus Armeniaca /Armenian plum/
  • A Book about Cultural sights  and  Intangible Heritage of the Humanity  from Armenia  listed by the UNESCO ( the book is available in English, Italian, French,  German and Russian)
  • Craft Tea/Coffee  cup  cover 

The last item will be by Your order ( the weight must be not more than 300 grams) 

Additional information

Donation for ArtsakhDonation for Artsakh

Since September 27/2020 the civilians of the non-recognized Republic of Artsakh are under continuous bombardments.  The 9 years old David, decided to make Armenian souvenirs and send the profit of the sold products to the People of Artsakh and its defenders.  We have decided to put different prices on the same product for you to decide how much you want to donate. All the prices include shipping.

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