Who we are

Anna Karapetyan

Tour Manager, Tour Guide Founder of www.TravelingTimeTrips.com

Who organizes the tours for You ?

I have been working as a tour guide (Italian/English/Russian) in Armenia since 2010. My experience in tourism and hospitality helped me to found this online travel agency  and organize individual and group tours for people interested in exploring Biblical Armenia. My mission is to help people explore my small country, which is worth to be known and loved. I am an individual entrepreneur who is responsible for the website content, tour itineraries, guiding and tours’ management.

Get in Touch with me

I spend most of the time on the roads of Armenia working as a tour guide, you can rarely find me in the co-working office mentioned as the address, but I am always  available via email, whatsapp, viber and will be always glad to be useful.

Provided Services

Professional Tour Guide service ( English/Italian/ Russian ) .  Thanks to high class transport and experienced drivers your trip will be comfortable and safe.  For not guided tours English speaking drivers will be at your disposal. Hotel booking with discounted price can be done according to your request.

Online Booking/Payment

For your convenience I decided to have an online booking/payment system, thanks to which you will not have to carry cash with you or make  expensive banking transfers.   Before making a booking or paying a deposit, please read  carefully  Terms and Conditions    and Privacy Policy .

Find out more about my experience and education on my Linkedin profile.  

Tourism as a mission or how I decided to choose it as the work of my life

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world. Did you know that Armenia is the first to adopt Christianity as the state religion? Its rich cultural heritage, virgin Nature, hospitable people, delicious food makes it more attractive for the guests.

Now RA occupies the 10th of its historical territory. Armenia was not on the World political stage for centuries, as the Nation has been struggling for its own existence for almost 1000 years.

In 2008 I studied in Italy together with 96 representatives of different countries. Very often people didn’t know where Armenia is situated, some people confused Armenia with Romania. So, I decided to  help as many people as possible know more about my small country, which is worth to be seen and loved. Isn’t it a mission?

Who Helps me 

                                                        Author of photos

Special thanks to  Amit Alony for the photos


                                                Author of  new brand name, logo, and SMM assistance 

Special thanks for creativity and efforts to Irina Stepanyan