Guide to Armenia

Armenia for wine lovers or 7 must visit wineries of Armenia

Let’s take a virtual trip through the winemaking history and modern wine-making of Armenia. Here we go! Winemaking history in

Parks of Yerevan for kids and their parents

Have some free days in Yerevan with kids? The kids refuse any museums? No worries! Check out the parks! You

Armenia-Historical Background

Let’s start our acquaintance with Biblical Land Armenia. The information about the origin and the history of the country is taken

Seven Reasons why Armenia should be Your Next Travel Destination

It is very hard to mention only 7 reasons why you should explore this tiny country which has a lot

A Tiny Country with Rich World Heritage

At the Slopes of Biblical Mount Ararat is situated a tiny country with rich history and culture, breathtaking and variable

Where to travel during the Pandemic?

Different countries create a big number of logical and illogical  restrictions for their residents and the tourists during the Pandemic... 

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Where to travel during the Pandemic?

Different countries create a big number of logical and illogical restrictions for their residents and tourists during the Pandemic...  We are suggesting a  Covid- friendly
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Kaj Elkjaer Kristensen

Spring in Armenia

Thank you very much to dear Anna Karapetyan. Thanks to her tremendous help in organizing our trip and the visit to Armenia, we have had an unforgettable experience with the Armenian nature, culture,history, food etc. We are very pleased and happy that we traveled to Armenia once again, and if others would like to go for a trip, we can highly recommend Anna Karapetyan as a facilitator.


Flying over Armenia

My wife and I visited Armenia in June. We got in touch with Anna about 2 weeks in advance. She arranged everything for us – airport pick-up, skyball flight, paragliding, 3 days of sightseeing and an airport drop. We had an English speaking driver throughout our trip which made things with easy got us. The convenience made our trip relaxing and memorable. Highly recommended.